Wizard of Baghdad promotion in Twin Cities

Every so often I bump into a bit of Twin Cities television history that tells us a little bit about our favorite TV hosts. This article comes from BoxOffice magazine dated February 6, 1961. It describes promotion of a movie called Wizard of Baghdad on the local kids shows. The movie was promoted by Casey Jones, Captain Ken, and Clancy the Cop on their television shows, with giveaways of “wizard turban” and coloring books.

Brief artical about Wizard of Baghdad promotions on Casey Jones, Captain Ken and Clancy the Cop

Wizard of Baghdad was a children’s movie starring Dick Shawn and Diane Baker. It was also the film debut of Bill Mumy as Aladdin, a few years before Lost in Space.

I had never heard of the movie before finding this article. Wikipedia and IMDB have the same description: “A genie turned mortal after his many failures is sent to Baghdad. As his last chance to prove himself, he must help a prince and princess fulfill a prophecy.”

Wizard of Baghdad movie poster

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