The Six O’Clock Galunk by Dave Lee


Dave Lee was a storyteller, often making up amusing stories for the children watching, illustrating them live on his television program.   His niece, Deb Rohrbach, fondly recalled these tales fr0m her childhood.  She has vivid memories of visiting Dave Lee and his family in Minneapolis, as well as going to the television studio.   According to Deb, Dave would make up the stories each day “off the top of his head.”   In recent years she contacted Dave about the stories and he sent her copies of many of them.

Deb found an illustrator, Nalin Solis, to help bring these stories to life.   “The Six O’Clock Galunk” is currently available for free on iTunes.  It is an iTunes enhanced book, so you will need an iPad to view it.   The ebook also includes some video clips from the Dave Lee Memories documentary.



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