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Sev Widman on the Radio

Sev Widman was one of the early television kids show hosts in the Twin Cities.   He was a popular radio disc jockey and in 1953 he was working at WTCN radio.   This lead to his program on WTCN-TV called Sheriff Sev. Here is a full page add from Broadcasting magazine in January 1953, promoting Sev, […]

Sev Widman – Sheriff Sev UPDATED

Sev Widman (Severance J. Widman, Jr. 1922-1981) was  a popular radio broadcaster in Minneapolis in the 40’s and 50’s.   He hosted one of the earliest children’s shows on WTCN, channel 11, called Sheriff Sev.   The show started in late 1953 along with Skipper Darl. Prior to hosting the Sheriff Sev program,  Widman was a popular DJ in […]