T.N.Tatters autograph from 1957

TNTatters signed envelope

Every once and a while an obscure bit of Minnesota TV history pops up. This is a vintage signed envelope of T.N.Tatters, who was played by Daryl Laub on KSTP, channel 5. This envelope features a faded images of the TV host with his name typewritten, and signed in blue ink to Sigurd Berg. I’m not even sure how the image is printed on the envelope! This popped up on ebay and is now in the MNKidVid archive!

The back of the envelope was stamped and dated Nov. 5, 1957. Inside was an insert from another envelop with Sigurd Berg’s address and another postage cancellation.

T.N.Tatters had debuted on KSTP in March 1956, and at the time, most kid show stars had printed trading cards they handed out at personal appearances and sent to fans. So this signed envelope is a bit unusual.

TNTatters tradking card

Here’s a vintage T.N. Tatters trading card from the era.

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