Miss Betty remembered

Barbara Olson appeared on Romper Room with Betty Douglass, who passed away last week.   She shared this photo of herself driving the milk truck on the show.  Miss Betty can be seen in the background.


Barbara shared these memories:

Miss Betty was my teacher when I was on Romper Room; I think it was 1966 or ’67. I still remember how excited I was when she said my name in the Magic Mirror and how shocked I was when I saw her light a cigarette while she was standing at her big desk! I remember how cool it was driving the milk truck. One of the questions she asked us was to name a reason our mom got mad at us and I said “when I forget to flush the toilet” – oh boy did I get chewed out when I got home that day. She was a very sweet and lovely lady. I’ll never forget my very first teacher, Miss Betty.

Thanks to Barbara for sharing this story and photo.

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