Miss Barbara/Sunday Storybook on WTCN

A March 1967 newspaper article on Twin Cities children’s programs briefly mentioned a show called “Miss Barbara” hosted by Barbara DeValerio. It was described as  “Barbara De Valerio of the St. Anthony School District uses puppets to present short reviews of new children’s books.” The program may also have been known as “Sunday Storybook.”

A further newspaper article mentions Miss DeValerio working at Osseo Educational TV in November 1968. The article says “elementary students were learning about the role of pumpkins, goblins and witches, in a Halloween safety tape she created, which encouraged the children to be careful while out for “tricks or treats.”

The earliest TV listing I’ve found (so far) for Sunday Storybook is November 1966, and the latest is November 1968.

Barbara DeValerio Holmes

Barbara DeValerio, later Barbara Holmes, passed away in August 2016 at the age of 73. Her obituary lists her as the “host and creator of Sunday Storybook” on WTCN. It also mentions additional television work, including “Director of Children’s programing at WCCO-TV;” and says she was a “TV celebrity interviewer [for] local stations and for nationally syndicated TV programs.” She worked in education at the University of Minnesota theater department, in New York City, St. Paul’s school district, and St. Anthony Village where she was nominated for Minnesota Teacher of the Year. She performed at the Guthrie Theater and was the Director of Museum Theater, Science Museum of Minnesota.


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