Kidsville 11 Club

The Kidsville 11 Club was a promotion from 1964 of the channel 11 program line up, and was sponsored by Southtown Shopping Center.   The Mayor of Kidsville was Mayor Kidec.


A special coloring book was given away in conjunction with the promotion.  There was some sort of Kidsville office located at Southtown Shoping Center.   You could send in a self addressed stamped envelope to get your membership card.



And there was a special button too!


The daytime schedule was

  • Lunch with Casey at 12 Noon withe Casey Jones and Roundhouse Rodney.
  • Dave Lee and Pete at 3:30 with Omar the Alligator and Fragrant the Skunk
  • Other weekday cartoons included Beetle Baily, Felix the Cat, and The King and Odie.
  • Grandma Lumpit’s Boarding House at 5:00 with Peter Potamus, Bugs Bunny and Magilla Gorilla
  • The Rifleman at 6:00


Kidsville 11 also featured a special Saturday morning line up, hosted by Sergeant Scotty, portrayed by Jack McKenna.   The morning program featured The Pinky Lee Show, featuring the popular comedian.    Pinky Lee was a loud, goofy comic, who hosted his own kids show in the early 50’s on NBC.   The program shown at this time was likely his syndicated show from 1964-65.   Other reruns featured were Abbott and Costello, and Sergeant Preston.   I’ve seen references to another character called Uncle Alf who appears to have been a storekeeper featured on the show.   Jack McKenna passed away in 2013 and you can read more about him on this page.

Lunch with Casey aired at noon on Saturday, followed by afternoon programming hosted by Roundhouse Rodney.   Roundhouse’s afternoon line up included the Mighty Hercules, Whirlybirds, and Rocky and his Friends.

Most of the information I’ve found about Kidsville comes from the Kidsville Coloring Book shown above.  I’ve confirmed much of the programming information from various TV Guides from 1964 and 1965.   Unfortunately, there is little information about the Sgt. Scotty show itself.   I haven’t located any articles or promotions about show.   TV Guide doesn’t list it as a separate program.   If you have any further information about Kidsville, please pass it along!

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