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J.P. Patches Peanut Butter

Chris Wedes played J.P. Patches on Channel 11 until 1958 when he moved to Seattle, WA.   J.P. Patches became a hit show throughout the Northwest, running until 1981.    Over the years, J.P. Patches promoted many products including Adams Peanut Butter.    This rare jar featured J.P. on the label and probably dates to the early 1960’s. […]

J.P. Patches street naming

The city of Seattle renamed a section of 34th Street as as J.P. Patches Place in a ceremony on June 1, 2013, honoring Chris Wedes, who portrayed J.P Patches for over 50 years.      The street sign was unveiled by Wedes’ granddaughter, Christina.   Chris Wedes’s wife Joan, along with Robert Newman, who was J.P. Patches long […]

J.P. Patches Christmas Shows

Chris Wedes played J.P. Patches on WTCN in the late 1950’s before taking the character to Seattle where he was on the air for over 20 years.   In 2006,  J.P Patches and Stan Boreson, another Seattle kids show host presented this 90 minute holiday retrospective featuring episodes of their shows.    The first part is a […]

Daryl Laub – Skipper Darl, J.P. Patches and T.N.Tatters

Daryl Laub has a long and distinguished carreer in broadcasting.    He began working in radio in 1943 at WOBH in Rapid City, South Dakota.   This was followed by postions at WLOL in Minneapolis, WLAC in Nashville, Tennesee, KNOX in Knoxville, Tennessee, WJJM in Lewisburg, Tennessee, and KMBC in Kansas City, Kansas.   In 1949, Daryl returned […]