Captain 11 Rocket Ranger Kit


In 1955, Jim Lange was Captain 11 on Channel 11 in the Twin Cities.   This is a very rare premium from that show.   Apparently it was a “Rocket Ranger Kit” that you could send away for.  This small envelope was packed full of all sorts of cool things


You got an official photo of Captain 11.   The printed inscription says “To all my Rocket Ranger Pals, Captain 11”


And an official Rocket Ranger membership card


Martian Credits.  Probably only good on Mars


And of course, you get Venus credits too!


And a couple Saturn credit plastic coins!


Here is your official membership certificate.

capt11kit11a capt11kit09a

And you would eve get this really cool secret message decoder.   You would line up the holes in the bottom over numbers on the top.  The numbers would align over letters so you can decode a very special message from Captain 11.   I’ll share one of those mystery messages in a later post.

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