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  1. Hi fans!
    May name is Tom Holbrook I am known as “The Bozologist.” Recently I self-published a book called “The Bozo Chronicles” which documents in time-line format the true origin, creation and development of Bozo “The Capitol Clown” from 1946 to 1956 into a world famous Icon. With over 640 pages and 1400 rare and unpublised photos and images, it is a treasure for fans, collectors and historians alike.

    I am currently working on a project which will pay tribute to the men who wore the big shoes and protrayed Bozo the Clown over the last 60 + years.
    I am very interested in documenting any and all information about Mr. Erickson and his work as Bozo the Clown.
    If any of the fans out there would please contact me with any information, photos and more it would be a blessing to the research. Everyone who helps will receive credit.

    I am also very interested in getting in contact with Mr. Erickson so I may interview him and document his work in the big shoes.

    Please fell free to contact me at; bozo_history@yahoo.com
    Thank you VERY much,
    Tom Holbrook
    For more information about “The Bozo Chronicles” please visit the official Website at; http://thebozochronicles.com

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