Axel Appearances 1959-1961

Jack Kennelly has shared more clippings featuring Clellan Card as Axel.

Crazy Day in Rosemount advertisement with Axel

Axel at Crazy Day in Rosemount, Friday, August 18. 1961

This article promoted Axel’s appearance at Crazy Day in Rosemount on August 18, 1961. “It will be a Crazy Day in Rosemount,” the article starts. “Axel will be in Rosemount with his usual attractions and entertainment Friday evening.” Other highlights of the day would be a Kiddie Parade, band entertainment, Hammond music, and free pony rides. It must have been quite a day!

Crazy Day advirtisement

And here is another local appearance in Cedar Grove, in June 1959

Axel in Cedar Grove, in June 1959

A great photo of Axel with some kids in Cedar Grove. Jack noted these were distant relatives of his.

Axel at Enggren's Foodland

This appearance was at Enggren’s Foodland in Lakeville, Minnesota on April 10, 1959.

This event was November 27, 9158 at Farmington Dairy.

Axel at Burnsville Fun Fest

Here is a brief article from the Dakota County Tribune on Feb 25, 1960. This time, Axel was appearing at the Burnsville PTA Fun Fest, showing comedies and giving out prizes. There was also a dance and a “Telegraph booth!”

Axel at Kearney's Super Market February 1959

One more grocery store appearance, dated February 1959 in Savage, Minnesota. Check out the prices on the food!

The local kids TV hosts were big celebrities, attracting large crowds in the 1950’s and 60’s. They would appear at schools, stores, malls, and local celebrations all over Minnesota.

My special thanks to Jack Kennelly for all of these clippings. Jack has been a long time supporter of the Lunch with Casey and Minnesota Kidvid sites.