Bob Fransen, Cowboy Bob on the X Bar Four Ranch, has died.

Bob Fransen as Cowboy Bob

Robert Fransen was one of the early television pioneers in the Twin Cities. He started in radio, writing news for the legendary Cedric Adams back in 1949 and was soon working in the new medium of television. In 1950, he was employed at channel 4 (then WTCN, but now WCCO), in a variety of positions. He was a weatherman, floor director, production manager and kids show host, among many other things. In 1950, he was Cowboy Bob of the X Bar Four Ranch, which may have been the first kids show in the Twin Cities.

Fransen later worked as general manager at WTCN, channel 11, for 18 years, and worked for Hubbard Broadcasting, including Conus and U.S. Satellite Broadcasting. He was inducted into the Minnesota Broadcast Hall of Fame in 2003. Bob Fransen was 98.

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