Feb 012014
Vivian Vulture and Valentine's Day

I’ve heard this story repeated many times, but now I’ve been able to track down a little more information.  The story goes that Commodore Cappy was talking to Vivian Vulture about Valentines Day.  Vivian told the Commodore that she wasn’t going to get any Valentines and that she had never received one.  Of course this [more]

Jan 162012
John Gallos

John Gallos is best known to viewers as Clancy the Cop on the long running Clancy and Willie show on WCCO television.   His career spanned more than 40 years at WCCO and included news, public affairs, and religious programming, in addition to children’s shows. Gallos was born in 1923 and grew up in Minneapolis.   He graduated [more]

Jan 162012
Commodore Cappy and Bats Bunny

Commodore Cappy featured a rabbit puppet named Bats Bunny.  Bats was described as “the younger and less famous brother of Bugs.”   John Gallos created the puppet from a stuffed rabbit dressed in a baseball uniform, which belonged to his daughter Nancy. Sources: “Gallos brought puppets to life”  St. Paul Pioneer Press Nov 19, 2005

Mar 092011
Commodore Cappy

Bugs Bunny Time with Commodore Cappy made its debut in 1957, and was the first children’s television character portrayed by John Gallos, who would go on to do local children’s television for twenty years. Gallos had auditioned with a slightly different version of the character originally named Commodore Neptune, as well as another more mystic [more]

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